assault and society

Mostly it happens to many people when someone tries to attack on any person, a fear will paralyze him for a while and for some times it causes severe obsession. It only happens when someone assaults you. Aggravated assault is also another form of assault but it is the worst one. Aggravated assault means when someone tries to attack on you and hurt you by using his deadly weapon or injured you through any way. Here are the following crimes considered as aggravated assault.

1. When a person intends to bodily injure someone or has attempted to do so.

2. Instigate injury intentionally, shrewdly, or thoughtlessly especially during situations where the person has demonstrated coldness and apathy towards human life.

3. Use deadly weapon to wound another person or attempts to do so.

Terms and conditions are totally depends on the country’s laws and area of jurisdiction. Normally the penalty range of an aggravated assault is from 30 to 90 years in prison. However, in some cases where the offense is severe, the perpetrator is sentenced to a life of locking up or a uninterrupted life sentences according to the counts of physical attack committed.

In many different countries, aggravated assault is still categorized according to the level of crime. From minor to major crime such as use of deadly weapons. The harshness of the punishment or decree will then base on the permissible authority where the crime has been committed. In exceptional cases, death punishment is given.

Aggravated assault also occurs in school where kids are believed to be still in their learning stage. Schoolyard fight is very widespread that laws have been changed regarding this matter. If previously this is considered as little and tolerated as part of growing up years, now it is considered as crime. If a child has been bullied at school, threatened, or bodily injured, then parents can always file a protest directly to the police. Assault is an attack with the reason of injuring the victim. Whether there is actual injury or not, it can still be measured as an aggravated assault. People who go through it are changed by the knowledge.

The best way for your child to learn about assault and its corresponding sentences is to let them see videos of cases where the child was convicted of an aggravated assault for a mere schoolyard fight. Other juveniles are arrested for verbal threats. Have your child educated on this matter to keep them safe and for other kids to be safe around your child as well.