A crime refers to an unlawful act punishable by the legal authorities of state. Crime may in from of different acts like as murder, rape, theft, violence or attack and any other assault act or distasteful get in touch with a person. An assault is the act of creating dread of an impendent destructive or offensive contact with a person. An assault act may be in several types like as general or simple assault, assault and battery, aggravated, felonious, common, sexual, assault with a deadly weapon, malicious and wanton assault as be described by the law authorities of the various countries. Typically, an assault is treated as misdemeanor but most serious form like as aggravated is usually called felony and the guilty can be punished greatly.

As regards the aggravated assault is the most serious and strongest form of an assaultive act in which an assaulter uses a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument like as knife, sword, iron bar or wooden stick, ax or blunt, which can cause the serious injury or a grievous bodily harm to another person. A person usually committed as aggravated assaulter while he attempts any of the following action:

  1. When act of guilty person causes a serious bodily or physical injury to another person with a deadly weapon or any other dangerous instrument like as a gun, knife, sword, ax, or blunt
  2. When an assaulter act causes grievous bodily harm to the other person like as rape or kidnapping
  3. Sexual relationships with a minor or one who is under the age of consent also falls under this act
  4. A bodily harm or physical injury due to carelessness in driving a motor car is also an aggravated assaultive act
  5. Any harmful act against general public and regulated protective authorities like as police officers or the other public servants
  6. An assaultive act after entering the home of any other person with intent to commit an assault
  7. Any threatening or dangerous act with the witness of the case
  8. Committing a criminal act against a person who has given protection by the law of State
  9. And, any other act that may causes the victim, disability, or broken of any body part

Above mentioned are some common types of an acts or action by performing them a person falls under the category of an aggravated assaultive. A person committed such act usually punished strictly. The punishment or penalty for such act may be in form of heavy fine or prison some time both. As we have discussed earlier an aggravated assault may be in different form so the punishment is imposes on the guilty person or criminal on the base of nature of the act or the level of crime. For high level the punishment is usually high and gradually decrease and the as the level falls. Usually the guilty can be fined $1000 to $150,000 or more. The prison is for such act is usually one to two years but in more typical case it may be 30 years or more.

While you someone is being charged by this act no doubt it is a serious matter but if you defend yourself in court of law you can be saved by heavy punishment. Having lack of knowledge or not professional in law matter you can hire an assault attorney having knowledge assault laws and penalties applicable in your particular case may able to deal with your case that results less punishment or penalty.