Statistics says the number of sexual assault cases is constantly raising high in the US. Each year, more than thousand such cases never get reported, as most of the victims become so frightened, hesitant and in some cases so preoccupied with the injury that they never take the matter to court. Remember, sexual assault is considered a criminal offence, so it is significant that culprit must be brought to justice. It’s not only helped the victim but to restore his peace of mind but also saves the future victims from harassment. If you have recently experienced an assault and feeling confused whether or not you should file a lawsuit, the following article can help your out, Read on to know what kind of cases can be reported as assault. In case you decide to report an assault case, appoint a suitable assault lawyer for your case. Make sure you appoint an attorney you can afford otherwise you will end up getting into debt. However, don’t worry; best debt management program is always there to help you out in this scenario.

Determine whether you can file a case of assault

In general, assault could be explained as an illicit, intentional touching through any object or weapon or a body part. You can file two types of cases for an assault. It could be a criminal charge or a civil lawsuit. It’s the attorney who decides, what would best for your particular case.

Where to find an assault attorney

  • The first place where you should look for an assault attorney is your local bar association. The legal board will offer you a list of efficient lawyers, who have passed law bar examination and have the required knowledge you need. If you are blamed for false assault charge you should consider hiring a defense lawyer and if you like to file the assault charge, you better appoint a prosecution lawyer.
  • You can contact some of the chain law firms and enquire about the lawyers, who are specialized in assault and battery cases.
  • While communicating with the lawyer, make sure you review the retainer agreement and the contract form thoroughly. Know the legal fees and consultation charges of the respective lawyers well so that you can determine whether or not you could afford to pay the lawyers fees in future.

Last but not the least, shop around and compare the legal services offered by different attorneys before finalizing the deal. Make sure you choose the most responsible attorney with the maximum experience that you can afford. It’s true that locating an excellent lawyer is a time consuming process.  However, if you are determined to win your assault case, take the required time and go through all the necessary steps, before appointing a lawyer.