An Assault lawyer

As the name shows an assault lawyer basically looks into matter of physical attack on a person or party.  They practice on two grounds. One is the defensive practice when a party is sued in court by another party on the charges of assault. The other ground of practice is when he represents the aggrieved person or party in the court to sue the guilty. As a deference lawyer he defends his party in the court and works to set his client free or get him the minimum penalty from the court for his assault. This minimum penalty could be a small amount of money to be paid to the prosecuting party, lesser time to be spent in jail or setting the client free without any legal punishment at all.  When representing the prosecuting party, the assault lawyer tries to convince the court, through the proofs against the accused, to give exemplary punishment to him and get his client his legal rights and a fair compensation.

Assault Attorney

Types of Assault lawyer


There are two basic types of assault attorney depending upon the areas of practice. One is Criminal Assault Lawyer and the other is Civil Assault Lawyer.

Criminal Assault Lawyer

Commonly called as defense lawyer, an assault lawyer when defends a party charged with an assault, is known as criminal assault lawyer. He struggles to get his client least legal punishment for his misdeeds and assault.

Civil Assault Lawyer

When the lawyer represents the sufferer of an assault, he is called a civil assault lawyer. In common language he is also called a personal injury lawyer. The function of the civil assault lawyer is to get his suffered client compensated for his grievance.

Hiring an Assault lawyer is a legal right of both parties

Mostly, when a party tries the accused person in the court, he does so, with the help of the civil assault lawyer, he hires. But according to the law, an accused either guilty or not, too is legally entitled to get himself represented in the court through a defense lawyer. In case the alleged person cannot arrange for his own lawyer, the court provides him a defense lawyer.

Assault Attorney HelpsTrial of an accused

Either an accused or a prey, when goes to the police station, the first thing he does is, asks his lawyer to sit in the inquiry session because the police can get forced confession of crime from an innocent person. The police are also believed to be competent enough to convince the injured party drop the allegation against the criminal. So, it is necessary to keep the lawyer informed from the very first legal step of an assault case so that he decides the best route for the client in difficult situations.

When the suffered party is not satisfied with the criminal court’s decision he has the legal right to take his case to the civil court. The service of an expert professional lawyer is needed in such cases so that the aggrieved person gets justice he is seeking.

Why hire an assault lawyer?

Consulting an attorney is a legal requirement if a victim wants to prosecute an accused. But the more important thing for the victim is to keep in mind to get the services of the best experienced lawyer to ensure his case is strong enough to get him compensation before he plunks thousands of dollars in his case.  If the lawyer is well qualified, he convinces the judge through his skills and professional knowledge and win over him to give compensation to the victim. He can get the sufferer all the checkup fees, treatment and hospital bills and asset damage reimbursed. He, if skilled enough, can also make the accused pay for the pain and torture the victim beard because of the physical attack.

Things to look for in an Assault Lawyer

  • The first thing to look in an assault lawyer is, he must have the professional knowledge needed to win a case in the court. Moreover he must have the skills of persuading other. This is very important factor because at times even a very knowledgeable lawyer cannot make his case and a less knowledgeable but more skilled lawyer outnumbers him.
  • When looking for an assault lawyer, one, either victim or accused, must consider the fee the assault lawyer charges his clients. Fee must always be reasonable. The lawyer must also take interest in the assault case and make his best possible efforts to defend or represent his clients in court and get the trial outcome his client desires for.
  • An expert criminal assault lawyer gets his client the minimum possible punishment and an expert civil assault lawyer gets his client the maximum possible compensation,  even if there was no property lose or damages at all for a practical fee amount.

Finding a reasonable Assault Lawyer

If you are considering hiring an assault lawyer, first look for the list of assault lawyers on the internet or in the yellow pages of telephone directory. When you have the list, find the potential lawyer you want and how he bills his clients because legal charges are a major consideration for a person who plans to hire an assault lawyer.

Many attorneys charge a lump sum amount of the whole case. In such case make sure no unproductive activities are planned by the attorney just to make the bill go up. Others charge on an hourly basis. In each case the client need to do some research about the potential lawyer, his fee scheme, professional knowledge, track of successful cases and many other factors before arranging a gathering with him.