Brain Injury Claim

Each year many people suffer from brain and head injuries due to various reasons. Most of such injuries are the result of road accidents. The consequences of such injuries can be to a certain extent shocking and distressing. Some people may suffer psychological as well as physical injuries. The impact of this kind of injury can be long term affecting that person’s complete way of life. Moreover it may have a bad effect on his/her everyday life. Therefore, if you have gone through brain injury because of physical attack, work place or road accident or medical neglect, first thing you should do is to contact a solicitor to make a claim.

There are various symptoms of brain injury depending on the seriousness of the injury you have suffered. If you feel any of the following signs after an injury to the head, then there is a possibility of injury to the brain:

  • If you are feeling nauseating,
  • If you suffer from severe headache,
  • If you feel fatigued and exhausted,
  • Seizures
  • Confused and disoriented behavior
  • Heavy bleeding along with vomiting.

Any kind of injury to the head may lead to injury to the brain. Therefore you should obtain medical assistance without delay as delay may result in long term side effects.

Injury to the brain has severe consequences, such as:

  • Loss of memory Difficulty in speaking or impaired clarity of speech
  • Partial or total blindness
  • Loss of balance
  • Dejection and nervousness etc.

Even though the symptoms may not surface immediately after any kind of head or brain injury, seeking medical aid as soon as possible is necessary. It is always advised that you should claim for the damage you suffered due to any kind of personal injury. Contact your advocate or solicitor for making such claim. If you have evidence of what caused you injury to the brain, then it will aid you in getting right compensation quickly from the person responsible for your grievance.

In the UK there is a customary time limit for making brain injury claims. One has to make such claims within three years of the accident or the knowledge of such injury.

There are many law firms which offer online help for those seeking compensation for brain injuries. Many law firms dealing with personal injury claims provide their services on ‘no win no fee’ basis. That means solicitor does not get his fees if he/she loses the case neither from the client nor third party. This way the person claiming compensation for brain injury does not have to bear the law suit charges.

The person claiming compensation for brain injury has to bear in mind that while making claim he/she has to include all the expenses incurred for the treatment of brain injury in his/her claim. Future expenses like further therapy fees, transportation cost, price of nursing care as well as cost of changes in the house made to suit their new requirements due to brain injury has to be included in the claim.