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Assault lawyer represent individuals that are victims of assault and people that are accused of the crime. They set up initial meetings to listen to and document the events occurring before, during, and after the assault. They also obtain reports that were filed about the incident and interview witnesses. They differentiate the facts from the allegations to create a strong case.

Assault lawyer also provide emotional support to victims that are distraught. They help victims file restraining orders and seek counseling. Assault lawyer often deal with aggravated assault, actual physical harm, and threats with the intent to harm. They also handle domestic abuse and self-defense cases. Large firms often employ assault lawyers and some assault lawyers have small private practices.

An Assault Lawyer must have a 4 year college degree and 3 years of law school. Law school is very competitive and applicants must receive a passing score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) to become admitted. Prospective assault lawyer often complete courses in mathematics, English, domestic assault, self-defense, civil assault, and criminal assault. Many schools require internships and participation in legal clinics sponsored by the institution. Assault lawyer must pass the written bar examination and become licensed. Many states also require assault lawyer to pass an additional ethics examination. Assault lawyer must complete legal continuing education throughout their careers to maintain their licenses, keep their skills up to date, and stay abreast with advancements in the field.

Employment of all lawyers, including assault lawyers is expected to grow about as fast as average for all professions, increasing 13% from 2008 to 2018. The growing population and increase in a variety of assault situations will drive job growth.

Job prospects are expected to be very good with strong competition. Assault lawyer with extensive experience and excellent academic records will have the best job opportunities.

As of January 2010, the average annual salary for assault lawyer is $49,000; average annual assault lawyer salaries vary greatly on location, employer, education, experience, and benefits.

A career as an assault lawyer is an excellent choice for individuals with a strong interest in law and presenting a variety of assault cases. Assault lawyer must have a solid understanding of the laws and procedures regarding assault cases. Patience, self-confidence, detail orientation, assertiveness, and good problem solving skills are necessary characteristics. Assault lawyer must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be able to help distraught assault victims feel at ease. They must also have good analytical thinking and be able to make effective decisions under stress and pressure.

assault and society

Mostly it happens to many people when someone tries to attack on any person, a fear will paralyze him for a while and for some times it causes severe obsession. It only happens when someone assaults you. Aggravated assault is also another form of assault but it is the worst one. Aggravated assault means when someone tries to attack on you and hurt you by using his deadly weapon or injured you through any way. Here are the following crimes considered as aggravated assault.

1. When a person intends to bodily injure someone or has attempted to do so.

2. Instigate injury intentionally, shrewdly, or thoughtlessly especially during situations where the person has demonstrated coldness and apathy towards human life.

3. Use deadly weapon to wound another person or attempts to do so.

Terms and conditions are totally depends on the country’s laws and area of jurisdiction. Normally the penalty range of an aggravated assault is from 30 to 90 years in prison. However, in some cases where the offense is severe, the perpetrator is sentenced to a life of locking up or a uninterrupted life sentences according to the counts of physical attack committed.

In many different countries, aggravated assault is still categorized according to the level of crime. From minor to major crime such as use of deadly weapons. The harshness of the punishment or decree will then base on the permissible authority where the crime has been committed. In exceptional cases, death punishment is given.

Aggravated assault also occurs in school where kids are believed to be still in their learning stage. Schoolyard fight is very widespread that laws have been changed regarding this matter. If previously this is considered as little and tolerated as part of growing up years, now it is considered as crime. If a child has been bullied at school, threatened, or bodily injured, then parents can always file a protest directly to the police. Assault is an attack with the reason of injuring the victim. Whether there is actual injury or not, it can still be measured as an aggravated assault. People who go through it are changed by the knowledge.

The best way for your child to learn about assault and its corresponding sentences is to let them see videos of cases where the child was convicted of an aggravated assault for a mere schoolyard fight. Other juveniles are arrested for verbal threats. Have your child educated on this matter to keep them safe and for other kids to be safe around your child as well.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury that occurs to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to damage to property. Victims of personal injuries typically had no role in the cause of their injuries, nor any way to prevent them. The goal of an Assault Lawyer is to restore the injured person to his or her pre-incident condition through lawsuit.

Although lawyers often refer to “types” of accidents, there is a broader view to consider. To refer to different “types” of personal injury lawsuits is really a misnomer. Regardless of the specific circumstances that occur, there is only one type of personal injury lawsuit-the kind where someone is hurt or killed as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Lawsuit circumstances vary

A variety of circumstances can lead to a lawsuit:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: car, truck, motorcycle, bus, plane, train, and boat accidents
  • Trauma: traumatic injuries to the brain, skull, spinal cord, back, internal organs
  • Medical malpractice: malpractice in surgery, treatment, diagnosis, follow-up, prescriptions
  • Assault: domestic violence, nursing home neglect or abuse, rape, criminal assault
  • Workplace incidents: slips and falls, burns, amputations, toxins, accidental death
  • Product liability: harmful design, malfunctioning products, defective drugs
  • Premise liabilities and situations: dog bites, falls, mold

There are four conditions that make up personal injury lawsuits:

  • Responsibility for reasonable care for the safety and health of another person
  • Negligence in the reasonable care standard, resulting in an accident or incident
  • Injury or death caused by that accident or incident
  • Proof that injury or death would not have happened had it not been for the negligence in the reasonable care standard

As long as these four conditions are present, the circumstances qualify for a lawsuit to be filed.

Basis for compensation for injury cases

Compensation varies under different circumstances. Generally, however, victims can recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Families of wrongful death victims can recover medical and funeral expenses as well as the loss of the victim’s expected earnings, benefits, inheritance, and the value of goods and services the victim would have provided.

Assault Lawyer

Assault in criminal law is to harm anyone and this involves violence as well. Not just violence, it can also be termed as a crime which deals with physical torture to the opposite person. This depends upon the corresponding country’s laws and offenders are punishable depending upon the country’s jurisdictions. In some countries like the US, this is only referred to any kind of a violent threat. Here are some types of an assault lawyers which will help you to find your desired assault lawyer.

Criminal Assault Lawyer:

Criminal assault lawyers generally work for people who are blamed of crimes such as murder, assault, family violence, embezzlement, etc. The service of a criminal lawyer is essential to make sure that your legal rights are sheltered throughout the judicial process. Since criminal consequences may include fines, imprisonment, mandatory treatment, and probations, it is always advisable to hire a criminal lawyer with adequate expertness and experience in the field.

Civil Assault Lawyer:

A civil assault lawyer mainly helps the victim to get damages for their injuries. He tries to convince the judge to make his decision in favor of his clients. A skilled and professional civil assault lawyer can easily get all the damages even if there is no serious injury occurred.

Aggravated Assault Lawyer:

Other kind of physical attack is the aggravated assault and this is a crime under the acts of law when somebody does a physical damage to the other person during a kidnap, indulging in an illegal sexual activity, harming with a deadly weapon etc. This type of aggravated attack is termed as felony and this is a very serious crime and will definitely lead to imprisonment and other such serious punishments. If you are a victim of an aggravated assault then an aggravated assault lawyer is the best option for you.

Sexual Assault Lawyer:

Sexual assault lawyer is another type of an assault lawyer.  A sexual assault lawyer normally handles sexual assault cases or any case relates to sex or rape. Sexual assault is frequently done by a man on a woman, but there are also some cases where it is a man on a man and woman on a woman as well. Most of the crimes are linked with allegedly forced sexual relationships; all of these are not considered a rape. The punishment is based on the ways of physical attack and differs from one country’s jurisdiction to another.

For assaults which are not done intentionally, but for which you are sued for medical and other legal expenses, there are great chances of you being trapped. So to overcome such situations, a lawyer is very useful. A lawyer can give you the best legal advice and can help you from being sued for other reasons for an unintentional crime. Lawyers are also your best defenders to prove your innocence after you have been charged of any assault.

The term “assault and battery” is a very familiar one, but the differences may escape most people. We’re so used to hearing them as a pair that many Americans don’t know what the difference between the two is and how those differences affect the consequences of the crimes. Knowing what assault and battery are and how they differ can be important to establishing your innocence. Discussing your charge with a criminal attorney can be an important step in defending yourself.


In the United States, assault is a crime of violence in which violence is threatened against someone, and usually followed up by the display of force. For example, if someone threatens you and pulls out a knife, that person has committed assault. Additionally, assault may also include any threat of physical contact. Other countries may define assault differently.

Assault and BatteryAssault is the threat of attack, not the attack itself. You do not have to be even touched for the other person to have committed assault. Let’s say you’re watching a game at your local sports bar and another patron has had too much to drink. He gets aggressive towards you and begins threatening you with violence, saying that if you don’t get out of his face, he’s going to hit you, raising his hands threateningly. Even though he has not actually hit you, his verbal threats and the brandishing of his fists means that he has committed assault and can be arrested.


Battery, however, is defined as the actual violent contact against someone. Depending on the circumstances, it may be either an offense or a criminal act. To prove battery, the prosecutor must establish that an illegal display of force has been applied to another person which results in injury or offensive contact. To put this in layman’s terms, the lawyer must show that the defendant has violently attacked the victim.

Battery is often preceded by assault, and both crimes can occur in the same act. If the person at the sports bar had followed through on his threat and attacked you, he would have committed both assault and battery. However, battery does not always occur with assault. If an attacker jumps you and hits you without threatening you, only battery has been committed, not assault.

Assault Injury

When a person is a victim of a criminal assault or battery, there are many legal rights that should be explored in order to receive justice. This type of justice may include recovering compensation for the damage through civil court, in addition to punishments handed down in criminal court. When a claim is filed in civil court for the damages associated with assault injuries, they are presented in the form on intentional torts, which is basically a lawsuit that is filed against the offending party.

While the terms “assault” and “battery” are often used in combination with one another, they are actually quite different when being discussed in a legal setting. When proving a claim of assault, the injured party must be able to prove that the offending party intentionally acted in a manner that caused the injured party to feel fear that an immediate physical danger would take place. In other words, assault lawsuits do not necessarily depend on the level of physical contact between the parties, but simply the amount of fear that the injured party experienced prior to physical harm taking place.

In order to prove damage in an assault injury case, the injured party must provide “grounds for recovery”. This means that the injured party is filing the suit in order to recover monetary compensation for physical damages they have suffered. Because the process varies a great deal from state to state and because it can be quite extensive, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in these types of claims. He or she will assess the validity of your case and help you to determine if you will stand to gain a reward that is worth the cost of pursuing legal action.

There are also various types of assaults that can be brought before a court in order to receive compensation for injuries or damages. These types of cases include: physical attacks, sexual assaults, domestic abuse, and various other types of injuries that were sustained due to intentional harm being inflicted. When the case is proven adequately, and the judge or jury has determined that the offending party is in fact responsible for the assault and the injuries sustained, the award process is then started.

These awards can come in the form of several different types of compensation, and include:

Compensatory Damages:

This form of compensation is designed to “compensate” the injured party for any lost wages, medical bills, or other expenses that are a direct result of the injuries sustained from the assault. For example, if a person suffers a broken leg and a concussion because of a mugging, the compensatory damages would be awarded for the total cost of all medical treatments required, as well as lost wages from not being able to attend work.

Assault InjuryNominal Damages:

This form of compensation is typically available in civil cases involving assaults, especially if the injured party has not experienced any major injuries. Nominal damages are awarded by a court or jury when they find the offending party has violated the injured party’s civil rights by carrying out the attack.

Punitive Damages:

Punitive damages are not always awarded, and certain jurisdictions do not allow such damages to be paid in certain circumstances. These damages are reserved for cases that are particularly heinous and are meant to punish the offending party. Punitive damages acknowledge not only the physical harm the person endured, and the expenses related to those injuries, but also are set forth to help deter future acts of a similar nature.

Any time you or someone you know has suffered any type of injury due to a physical assault, it is a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney. He or she is extremely well versed in the laws that govern this issue and will be able to help you establish your complaint, file your paper work, and assess the true validity of your case.

Since this type of civil litigation can be somewhat complicated, and the laws do vary a bit from state to state, a personal injury attorney is your best chance to receive the damages you are truly entitled to receive. Injured parties should never try to file a lawsuit on their own. A personal injury attorney will go after the maximum amount of compensation that is possible based upon the laws of the jurisdiction.

Because assault injuries can leave long term damage both physically and mentally you should always seek prompt assistance. Since evidence can disappear somewhat quickly, people tend to forget what they saw, and witnesses can be difficult to locate you should never wait to proceed with your case. A personal injury lawsuit will handle every part of the process from collecting information, to contacting law enforcement agencies, as well as determining if a settlement or a trial would be most beneficial.

You should never run the risk of being victimized twice. The assault was bad enough without having to worry about your future, or how to carry on with the disabilities and emotional harm you may have incurred from the incident. A personal injury attorney will work hard on your side to get you the financial and emotional justice that you deserve. The sooner you move forward with your case, the sooner you can begin to put your life back on track.

Defense Attorney

It is usually very costly to hire a competent defense attorney because they are rare to find among the many. After reading this article you will be in a position to find yourself the best and most reasonable defense Lawyer.

Qualities of the best Defense Attorney

  • Affordability and experience are the two most important qualities; an accused looks for when hiring a defense attorney. Since the lawyer has to argue on behalf of an accused and help the accused get free form punishment, he has to be very experienced and very well versed in law.
  • Credibility, good reputation and satisfied clients are other factors that show how highly ranked a defense attorney is. Friends usually recommend the defense lawyer to others if they are satisfied with his services.
  • The lawyer major tools are his attentiveness and research which can help him anticipate the court proceedings and look at different angels of the case.  He thoroughly investigates all facts and intensely examines all witnesses to find new perspective of his client’s case.

Assault AttorneyFinding a Defense Attorney

People always find it difficult to get a good defense lawyer. Here are some ideas.



A good way to find a defense attorney is to ask someone who is familiar with the practice. A friend, a law firm or public defense office can suggest a competent attorney. Similarly a family member if ever happened to come across an attorney can make a good reference.


Personal observation of courtroom

When criminal cases are argued in public session of court, you can sit and observe the case proceedings. A lawyer’s impressive performance can be noted with his name and contacted later to represent you as a defense attorney.


Professional institutes

In some major cities there are special organizations of defense attorneys. They provide referral service or online directories to help an accused find himself a first-rated defense attorney.


Online Directories

Internet and online directories is another place which can help you get a reliable defense attorney.


Factors to look at before when hiring a defense attorney


  • After identifying a good attorney, call him/her to schedule a meeting. Note if initial consultation is free of cost or there is some fee charged. Even before the appointment, discuss with the lawyer about his general criminal defense related experience and specific experience of cases similar to yours.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the attorney, try someone else. Consult other lawyers before signing any agreement with one. Talking to more than one defense attorney gives you an idea about the soundness of your case. It also helps you escape the trap if a defense attorney misrepresents the severity of your case just to make you hire him and later blame the jury when the results he promised turn out to be a nightmare.
  • Read the agreement paper carefully before you sign it. Also make sure a copy of the same agreement remains with you as well.
  • If you are not at ease with the capabilities of your defense attorney, check with another attorney and get your case reviewed. This will help you identify if you should change your lawyer for he is incompetent and will in fact send you to prison instead getting you out of the trouble.


Assault Lawyer

An  assault lawyer, either criminal or civil has immense pressure on him as in the former case he has to put all his expertise in action to get the accused just treatment and in the later case he has to get the suffer compensation from the accused. He therefore must have all the qualities needed in an assault lawyer if he really wants to satisfy his client. Here are some of the qualities discussed.

Law Comprehension and Experience

The assault lawyer must have full grip on the laws as well as proper understanding of the particulars of the case. To prove the prosecution wrong and his client innocent he must not ignore the minute details even. Similarly to prove convince the jury that the accused has in fact committed the wrong and must be punished, he has to have full grasp of the criminal law. Knowledge is power, as it is said and hence gives the assault lawyer a reputation and a high ranking.

Zealous about justice and rights protection

The assault lawyer’s aim is to bring justice to his client and this is not possible with having  legal knowledge only. He has to take interest in the client’s case and be passionate about bringing justice to his client and protect his client’s rights.

Assault LawyerConfidence and emoting skills

The confidence of an assault lawyer is a key to the success of the case he is representing. Presenting your point with no confidence gives the competitor an edge to make a strong ground for his case.  In such case it becomes easy for the competitor to DE-track or confuse the lawyer and bring defeat to him.

Another quality of an assault lawyer is, he must have emoting skills. This skill helps him get favor of the jury and he can then easily convince the jury of his client’s innocence or misery.

Knowledge of police work

Understanding the police work is another quality required in an assault lawyer. He must be capable enough to understand and find facts, figures and clues.  He should also know the hidden facts of a case so that he can come up with surprises in the court to puzzle the opponent and make him bow down.



Clients always expect their assault attorney to be fair with them as they are anxious to know the progress of their case. The lawyer therefore must develop a partnership with his client and be fair in his dealings, letting his client know his case’s track and his true expectation about it. A good assault lawyer also tells his client if he or she does not feel capable to handle his client’s case properly and makes referral to a lawyer who he believes is more suitable to deal with the assault case.

Keeping the client uninformed or in darkness gives him anxiety and in the end if the case is lost, it can prove fateful for the client and damage the attorney’s image among the relatives, friends and acquaintances of the client.


Friendly attitude

To get maximum information for his client’s case the assault lawyer must possess the skills of friendliness with all stake holders. A friendly attitude is useful than an arrogant attitude in digging out information from the detectives, police and others concerned.



The assault lawyer has to be “Perry Mason” in fact. He should not be scared of threats and should be courageous and adventurous to deal with challenging situation.

An Assault lawyer

As the name shows an assault lawyer basically looks into matter of physical attack on a person or party.  They practice on two grounds. One is the defensive practice when a party is sued in court by another party on the charges of assault. The other ground of practice is when he represents the aggrieved person or party in the court to sue the guilty. As a deference lawyer he defends his party in the court and works to set his client free or get him the minimum penalty from the court for his assault. This minimum penalty could be a small amount of money to be paid to the prosecuting party, lesser time to be spent in jail or setting the client free without any legal punishment at all.  When representing the prosecuting party, the assault lawyer tries to convince the court, through the proofs against the accused, to give exemplary punishment to him and get his client his legal rights and a fair compensation.

Assault Attorney

Types of Assault lawyer


There are two basic types of assault attorney depending upon the areas of practice. One is Criminal Assault Lawyer and the other is Civil Assault Lawyer.

Criminal Assault Lawyer

Commonly called as defense lawyer, an assault lawyer when defends a party charged with an assault, is known as criminal assault lawyer. He struggles to get his client least legal punishment for his misdeeds and assault.

Civil Assault Lawyer

When the lawyer represents the sufferer of an assault, he is called a civil assault lawyer. In common language he is also called a personal injury lawyer. The function of the civil assault lawyer is to get his suffered client compensated for his grievance.

Hiring an Assault lawyer is a legal right of both parties

Mostly, when a party tries the accused person in the court, he does so, with the help of the civil assault lawyer, he hires. But according to the law, an accused either guilty or not, too is legally entitled to get himself represented in the court through a defense lawyer. In case the alleged person cannot arrange for his own lawyer, the court provides him a defense lawyer.

Assault Attorney HelpsTrial of an accused

Either an accused or a prey, when goes to the police station, the first thing he does is, asks his lawyer to sit in the inquiry session because the police can get forced confession of crime from an innocent person. The police are also believed to be competent enough to convince the injured party drop the allegation against the criminal. So, it is necessary to keep the lawyer informed from the very first legal step of an assault case so that he decides the best route for the client in difficult situations.

When the suffered party is not satisfied with the criminal court’s decision he has the legal right to take his case to the civil court. The service of an expert professional lawyer is needed in such cases so that the aggrieved person gets justice he is seeking.

Why hire an assault lawyer?

Consulting an attorney is a legal requirement if a victim wants to prosecute an accused. But the more important thing for the victim is to keep in mind to get the services of the best experienced lawyer to ensure his case is strong enough to get him compensation before he plunks thousands of dollars in his case.  If the lawyer is well qualified, he convinces the judge through his skills and professional knowledge and win over him to give compensation to the victim. He can get the sufferer all the checkup fees, treatment and hospital bills and asset damage reimbursed. He, if skilled enough, can also make the accused pay for the pain and torture the victim beard because of the physical attack.

Things to look for in an Assault Lawyer

  • The first thing to look in an assault lawyer is, he must have the professional knowledge needed to win a case in the court. Moreover he must have the skills of persuading other. This is very important factor because at times even a very knowledgeable lawyer cannot make his case and a less knowledgeable but more skilled lawyer outnumbers him.
  • When looking for an assault lawyer, one, either victim or accused, must consider the fee the assault lawyer charges his clients. Fee must always be reasonable. The lawyer must also take interest in the assault case and make his best possible efforts to defend or represent his clients in court and get the trial outcome his client desires for.
  • An expert criminal assault lawyer gets his client the minimum possible punishment and an expert civil assault lawyer gets his client the maximum possible compensation,  even if there was no property lose or damages at all for a practical fee amount.

Finding a reasonable Assault Lawyer

If you are considering hiring an assault lawyer, first look for the list of assault lawyers on the internet or in the yellow pages of telephone directory. When you have the list, find the potential lawyer you want and how he bills his clients because legal charges are a major consideration for a person who plans to hire an assault lawyer.

Many attorneys charge a lump sum amount of the whole case. In such case make sure no unproductive activities are planned by the attorney just to make the bill go up. Others charge on an hourly basis. In each case the client need to do some research about the potential lawyer, his fee scheme, professional knowledge, track of successful cases and many other factors before arranging a gathering with him.

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