If you have been charged in a federal court n a criminal case, it is very important that you find a criminal federal lawyer to help you win your case. There are many criminal or defense lawyers available but it are not necessary that all of them are specialist of federal cases. It is worth noting that cases filed in federal courts are much more difficult to win and tend to have harsher penalties.

Since there is a huge difference between state and federal laws, you really cannot expect a state lawyer to know all federal statutes. You need to understand that lawyers, like doctors, have specializations. Some lawyers are good at criminal law because they have devoted their time and effort in learning state laws as well state courts. A criminal federal lawyer have unlimited knowledge about intricacies of federal law.

The length of jail terms and other penalties in a state court can be very different from that of federal courts. Because of this, it is practical and helpful for defendants to rely on the services of a criminal federal lawyer than on someone who is an expert only in state laws. Besides, a criminal federal lawyer can also provide defendants with different scenarios as well as possible penalties with regard to the cases filed against them in federal courts.

No matter what type of case a defendant is facing, there is a chance that he will only be put under community supervision as his penalty. On the other hand, in federal cases, the least a defendant can get if found guilty is a minimum mandatory sentence. So, it is imperative to win your case.

Also, did you know that in several counties, it is possible for defendants to present a presentation to the jury in hopes of not being indicted? If you are expressive and magnetic, you might not face reflection in state courts. In federal courts, this hardly ever happens. Only a federal lawyer can represent you in federal cases.

Let’s face it. You have bigger chance of winning a federal case with the help of an expert criminal federal lawyer as compared to having a state lawyer by your side.