Defense Attorney

It is usually very costly to hire a competent defense attorney because they are rare to find among the many. After reading this article you will be in a position to find yourself the best and most reasonable defense Lawyer.

Qualities of the best Defense Attorney

  • Affordability and experience are the two most important qualities; an accused looks for when hiring a defense attorney. Since the lawyer has to argue on behalf of an accused and help the accused get free form punishment, he has to be very experienced and very well versed in law.
  • Credibility, good reputation and satisfied clients are other factors that show how highly ranked a defense attorney is. Friends usually recommend the defense lawyer to others if they are satisfied with his services.
  • The lawyer major tools are his attentiveness and research which can help him anticipate the court proceedings and look at different angels of the case.  He thoroughly investigates all facts and intensely examines all witnesses to find new perspective of his client’s case.

Assault AttorneyFinding a Defense Attorney

People always find it difficult to get a good defense lawyer. Here are some ideas.



A good way to find a defense attorney is to ask someone who is familiar with the practice. A friend, a law firm or public defense office can suggest a competent attorney. Similarly a family member if ever happened to come across an attorney can make a good reference.


Personal observation of courtroom

When criminal cases are argued in public session of court, you can sit and observe the case proceedings. A lawyer’s impressive performance can be noted with his name and contacted later to represent you as a defense attorney.


Professional institutes

In some major cities there are special organizations of defense attorneys. They provide referral service or online directories to help an accused find himself a first-rated defense attorney.


Online Directories

Internet and online directories is another place which can help you get a reliable defense attorney.


Factors to look at before when hiring a defense attorney


  • After identifying a good attorney, call him/her to schedule a meeting. Note if initial consultation is free of cost or there is some fee charged. Even before the appointment, discuss with the lawyer about his general criminal defense related experience and specific experience of cases similar to yours.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the attorney, try someone else. Consult other lawyers before signing any agreement with one. Talking to more than one defense attorney gives you an idea about the soundness of your case. It also helps you escape the trap if a defense attorney misrepresents the severity of your case just to make you hire him and later blame the jury when the results he promised turn out to be a nightmare.
  • Read the agreement paper carefully before you sign it. Also make sure a copy of the same agreement remains with you as well.
  • If you are not at ease with the capabilities of your defense attorney, check with another attorney and get your case reviewed. This will help you identify if you should change your lawyer for he is incompetent and will in fact send you to prison instead getting you out of the trouble.