Assault refers to an act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person. Assault may be in different forms such as simple assault, aggravated, assault and battery, felonious, malicious assault, common and sexual assault. Penalties may be in the form of fine or imprisonment or sometime both depending upon the circumstances.

What is sexual Assault?

It is a serious crime and is defined to mean sexual crimes against an individual. It involves the unwanted touching of a person’s body. Usually the victim is not at fault. It occurs when a person is unable to or does not give his consent. When one has been assaulted sexually the first thing to do is to go to the police whose primary concern is to protect the victim from any action of the guilty person. There are other forms of assistance that are also available to the injured party.

Acts Considered as Sexual Assault             

The acts or actions which fall under the category of sexual assault are indecent assault, acts of indecency and un-consented sexual intercourse, and the victim can suffer severe and long-term effects. Very often the victim knows the person who has assaulted them. A victim can sue in the civil courts as assault is also a tort. Therefore the victim can sue the guilty person in the civil courts for damages. The guilty person can be dealt with either summarily or by indictment (District Court before Judge and Jury) the former being the most favorable.

How to Report And Prove Harm?

The criminal courts proceeds the case after it is reported by the police. In some cases the victim does not report to the police and can go directly to the criminal courts. In such cases, the victim must have to provide sufficient evidence/proof of the wrong doing with him. The victim need to provide evidence of the injury sustained and this includes actual physical harm as well as psychiatric or psychological harm. This can be in the form of a constitutional declaration by someone with knowledge of the assault or a medical practitioner, medical report and hospital records. All evidence should be provided to the judge to understand the extent of the assault against you and make an appropriate award to you to compensate you.

Sometimes assault can be difficult to understand, mostly because of the way that it is misrepresented in popular culture. If you have any legal problem or disputes involving assault, you may have to contact a qualified and experience criminal lawyer right away because he can provide you with sound legal advice and can represent you in court if necessary by understanding your case situation in a well qualified manner.